Industries We Serve

We like to say if, “if it has an engine we can make it work better, longer and for less money.” Over the years we have become known as a reliable supplier to the transportation and specialty equipment market. Our team possesses a tremendous amount of experience understanding the equipment challenges and providing innovative, cost saving solutions for our customers. The extensive list of industries we service include:

  • A&L can help anything with an engine that’s on our highways. From a small bread truck to a tractor trailer.
  • Specialty industries, including underground and open pit mining, agriculture and construction
  • Cranes & generators
  • Marine applications including small pleasure craft right up to tug and cruise ships. We can assist with freighters and naval vessels as well.
  • R. V. chassis, coach suppliers, municipal transit and school buses
  • Municipality requirements including fleet, road repair & maintenance, parks & recreation
  • Over the road trucking – heating, lights
  • Towing & more