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VDO stands for tradition, innovation and visionary developments. The brand, which belongs nowadays to the Continental corporation, has inspired marine instrumentation with its expertise for more than 60 years. VDO won the trust of prestigious boatbuilders decades ago with measuring instruments that were way ahead of their time. The instrument specialist has lived up to this trust and will continue to do so – with new technologies, cutting-edge visions and top quality.

Decades of experience – great innovations

VDO Marine’s instruments were first put into operation on deep sea fishing boats in Scandinavia. They were also used on board US Navy torpedo boats. Since these beginnings, the history of the Continental brand has been one of technological highlights – with a broad range of applications and customized design options. Innovative and user-friendly solutions grew, so did VDO’s customer base. “VDO is committed to making current marine measurement technology that is geared to the future – and symbolic of that is the underwater car sQuba, where developments from the Continental brand are also on board,” said Martin Ebneter, Head of R&D, Marine Powersports Accessories.

The car, a futuristic convertible from the Swiss concept and prototype company Rinspeed, can sustain dives of up to ten meters in depth thanks to the water-tight instrument cluster developed by VDO. “In the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ from 1977, such a car was pure science fiction – we’re all the more proud to have helped turn this vision into reality in 2008 in the shape of a fully functional prototype.”

Intelligent instrumentation for boats of all classes and sizes

The Continental brand now has a broader setup than ever before – yet it has remained true to its roots and mission: The instruments for engine monitoring and navigation still embody certified OEM quality coupled with a flexible design. Thanks to the modular design of its ViewLine range of instrumentation, VDO is able to offer more flexible installation and design options, as well as space-saving combined devices in three housing sizes for motor boats and yachts. With OceanLink, VDO offers the perfect plug and play instrumentation solution for motor boats. VDO recently supplemented its existing lines with AcquaLink. The premium line sets, with TFT Displays, new standards in instrumentation on high-end boats. The AcquaLink Nav Sensor, a multifunctional sensor that processes and calculates the data from the GPS system, compass, temperature, barometric systems and a 3-axis acceleration sensor and uses it to generate extremely precise nautical information, and the AcquaLink Nav Box, a central processing unit and signal interface, are the heart of this new product line.

Individuality for a successful future

With its three product lines AcquaLink, ViewLine and OceanLink, the company offers the ideal solution for all classes and sizes of yacht and motor boat. VDO’s focus is on continuous further development and expansion of these lines. An example of that is GPS Speed, the new component in the ViewLine range of instrumentation. It unites a modern design and OEM quality – and can be tailored to individual needs with the customary ease. Features include a speed warning, time format, time zone and speed unit. VDO intends to significantly expand its extensive portfolio again in the near future. “We’re planning to launch new radar systems and autopilots,” said Martin Ebneter. A further field the company aims to focus more strongly on in future is the Automatic Identification System – a radio system that improves safety in shipping by networking vessels.

Source: VDO Marine

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